Ug. I don't like talking about my paintings, I just like to paint them...

...but I'll do what I can. Perhaps a numbered list will help?

  1. I generally just pick a color  to start with and see where it goes. There's rarely much of a plan at the start, but one usually develops as things go on. You can view a  painting in action at my YouTube Channel, "Time Lapse Watercolor Painting".  It's kinda long, but I figured I had to show the whole thing from start  to finish. The good news is I had to cut it into three parts. It's ok to fast forward.
  2. I title the paintings whatever strikes me by the time I have to sign  and title them. However, I learned long ago that most people don't see what I see, so feel free to ignore my titles and make up your own.
  3. I've been trying to figure out what influences me and I've noticed a few frequent themes. Nature, changing seasons, weather, and geometric designs. I also seem to have a thing for lava and old stone walls. I don't know where it all comes from, and I'd rather not analyze the fun out of it.
  4. I don't paint to share a message. I paint because I like to play with shapes and colors. I like colors a lot (orange is my favorite). We're bombarded with messages far too often. Ok, here's my message: "Freedom From Messages!" Ahh.. I feel better now. But really... I just want to paint pretty pictures.

Huh, I think that's it! Wow, the numbered list system really worked. Well then! Feel free to look around or visit my ArtFire shop and buy a painting!

- Mark