6" Cherry and Walnut bowl for auction!

Update - 10/15/15: Sold! To the man in the funny hat! (He wasn't actually wearing a funny hat, but it was sold to a human being in a human transaction. No internet required. How bout that!?)

Update - 7/21/15: This was a fail. Several auctions and no bids.

Auction On! This bowl is available for auction at eBay. 100% of the proceeds go to the USO.

Auction Ends: ...well, it doesn't really end until someone bids on it. By that I mean I'm just going to relist it over and over and over again till someone bids on it. I will try to keep the link below updated every time I relist.

Details about: Lightly damaged 6"x2" cherry and walnut hand turned wooden bowl. NR

From left to right, Cherry, cherry, walnut with mystery wood dot, cherry, cherry.